Recipe for Success

With our recipe for success, your restaurant can whip up a better rate of return . . . that’s what we call the profit sauce.

Yes, we know, sometimes the best meals are the ones that happen with no plan, just great ingredients. You throw in a pinch of this and a dash of that and end up with simple perfection on a plate. But can you recreate that dish consistently? A smart restaurateur perfects the recipe so she can deliver night after night.

Don’t leave the business of running your business up to chance. For best results, you need a good recipe. Profit Sauce helps restaurant owners & managers plan, implement, measure, and review for maximum profitability. We can customize your recipe to fit your needs. Our ingredients are:

1 part staff monitoring

1 part inventory control

1 part Tax and Accounting

1 part education

1 part consulting and engagements

Mix thoroughly and enjoy better profits.